Feb 16, 2021

French Cowboy Stew


Fernando Oles

This is a French cuisine classic.

It has conquered palates all over the world. Nowadays, it’s served in México at the restaurant “Le Bon Bistró,” made in our very own style with beef cheek and our house seasoning that we found after trying many different recipes. Our dish is also different because we add a marrow bone. Auguste Escoffier brought us this plate around 1903 and later, Julia Child made it international.

Step One

Marinate the beef cheek for a whole day and a half. It has to be cleaned and cut into cubes with red wine until it covers all the meat.

Step Two

Remove from the refrigerator. Then strain and set the beef aside. In a casserole with olive oil, fry the meat until sealed.

Step Three

Remove meat from the flame and add the bacon with the diced onion and garlic. Sauté for a few minutes, add the meat again and deglaze with a portion of the red wine.

Step Four

Add flour until it gets more texture. Pour the rest of the wine until it covers all the meat. Add the aromatic herb bouquet, the largo, the beef stock, tomatoes (peeled and blended). Let it rest under slow fire for a few hours until the meat gets soft. Adjust the flavor and add salt if necessary.


Add the butter to a pan and sauté the vegetables (previously cut to taste) along with the rosemary, sage and a pinch of salt. Once it’s ready, add it to the plate with the meat.

Fernando Oles

Chef, Le Bon Bistro
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