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A legendary magazine has returned.

Adventure. Reimagined.

In the annals of adventure storytelling, few periodicals compared to True: The Man’s Magazine. A historic pulp that was founded in the late 1930’s, True was a place where legends like Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill and others could publish their memoirs and dispatches on larger-than-life subjects like hunting for lost treasure, running with the bulls, and the art of smoking meat underground. We’ve revived that spirit to form True.Ink, a new kind of adventure magazine. Alongside our editorial team, our member-correspondents have shared their own tales from the front-lines of adventure, racing General Patton’s schooner into the harbors of Havana, trekking across the Caucasus with the last nomadic shepherds, and uncovering the elements of a masterful life from experts around the world.

We invite you to come along for the ride. Submit your own tale for publication or say hello. The best adventures are yet ahead.

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