Gangland Carnival

The Mardi Gras parties in Haiti are legendary for their voodoo, floats and royal families. But living in the slums of Port-Au-Prince, our award-winning photographer discovered a different kind of celebration. (A few names have been changed to protect the author from any vengeful gang members.)

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Project X-Ray

The day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, a clever tooth doctor named Adams conceived one of the deadliest and most efficient weapons the world has ever known. Urged on by U.S. brass he gave the project his blood, sweat and tears — and got a boot in the tail for his trouble. This story originally appeared in the July, 1958 edition of True: The Magazine.

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Dear Jack

Inga Arvad was a Danish beauty queen, journalist and suspected Nazi spy. Jack Kennedy was Navy lieutenant, history writer and future U.S. President. In the winter of 1942, they fell in love and tore wartime Washington apart. What follows are excerpts from their correspondence.

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